About Us

About Us


DSI is the pioneer of pipeline inspection robotics in India. DSI started the indigenous manufacturing of pipeline inspection robots in 2007 while executing the inspection works for Delhi Jal Board for the work of rehabilitation of trunk sewers in Delhi.


Over the last 10 years, DSI has perfected their robots for all types of pipeline inspections, including but not limited to, sewer pipelines, water transport pipelines, seawater intake pipelines, industrial wastewater pipelines, marine outfall pipelines (effluent), drainage, underwater tunnels, et cetera. DSI has worked for many major pipeline asset owners across India and has earned a fierce reputation as an authority in Pipeline CCTV Inspections and robotics based pipeline maintenance services provider.


DSI provides specialized inspection, repair & maintenance services to various public and private sector organizations using self developed robotic machines to enhance productivity, increase efficiency, reduce execution time, eliminate risk to human life while maintaining a cost effective solution to problems that have limited or no solution using classical methods.


The Indian industrial environment benefits from its vast resource of cheaply available skilled and non-skilled labour. It is not DSI’s intention to substitute human labour but to find solutions to problems where either human access is not possible or at high risk or legally not allowed.


Out of DSI’s long list of robotic platforms, the Beaver™ series of Pipeline CCTV Inspection Systems, OWL™ series of Underwater Cameras & LED Lights and Beaver™ series of crawler platforms are available for industrial and commercial consumption.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

DSI has over a decade of experience in designing and manufacturing robotic platforms for use in harsh environments like Wastewater (sewer & drainage), Pipelines, Water (fresh water & saltwater/marine), Subterranean, Mud & Marsh, et cetera. Our designs are not for the faint of heart but for hard-core industrial use with our eyes hard set on military applications. Our dedication to detail and zeal for perfection has led to state-of-the-art robotic platforms like the Beaver™ series Pipeline CCTV Inspection Systems which have outperformed their international competitors in the highly unpredictable and harsh Indian sewer pipelines.


Innovative solutions & services

Owing to our vast experience in pipelines and underwater scenarios, DSI is uniquely positioned to provide innovative services that were not available in India and sometimes not even in Asia and other developing countries. Due to DSI’s efforts the following types of services have become a reality:

  • mechanized/robotic inspection of subterranean (underground) assets like pipelines, tunnels, building structures, et cetera.
  • mechanized/robotic inspection of submerged (underwater) assets like pipelines, tunnels, tanks, reservoirs, et cetera without stoppage of flow.
  • desilting of canals, shiplift systems, et cetera.

If you feel that your organization is facing a unique problem for which you do not have a solution, feel free to contact us for a free consultation. Our robotic solutions can help you in resolving your unique problem. Your single call may result in finding a permanent solution to similar problems faced by thousands of users across India.


100% In-house manufacturing

We have developed state-of-the-art Robotic Systems which are comparable and even better to the leading brands in their class. Our complete in-house manufacturing capability enables us to provide.

  • Component level service and repair rather than changing parts like distributors or agents of foreign brands .
  • Customization as per requirement of the project is possible.

For our Project Clients this translates to :

  • Ability to modify/customize the robotic platforms on site based on the changing requirements.
  • Reduces delays caused due to break down of machinery since we are not dependent on foreign manufacturers of such robots.

For our Sales Customers this translates to :

  • An Indian warranty reduces your service & repair response time leading to a reduction in your operational losses.
  • In-house manufacturing greatly reduces your service cost, reducing your annual maintenance costs.


International quality at Indian prices

DSI’s indigenous development of robotic technology and providing robotic products & services to Indian industry has resulted in drastic reduction of Capital & Operational expenses by its clients compared to obtaining the products & services from foreign vendors and service providers. This is further advantages because foreign vendors and service providers have a much higher lead time causing further operational delays and hence losses. DSI strives to provide cost-effective propositions to their clients and is working with a long-term goal rather than skimming the market for short-term profits.

  • DSI was started with an aim at providing smart & innovative robotic solutions for hazardous inaccessible industrial work environments. We specialize in underwater robotics, robotic inspection platforms and robotic desilting & dredging for municipal, Industrial & marine sector.
  • Over the last decade, DSI has been able to establish itself as a market leader in mobile robotic inspection & work-class robotics. With over a decade of experience and a vast clientele spanning across the government & private sector, DSI has been able to position itself as a one-stop solutions for all types of robotic inspection needs of the industry.


Eliminate Risk to Human Life

The Indian industry benefits from the vast resources of cheap and readily available labour. But many a times, the work may involve a great deal of risk to the labourer’s life that may lead to severe legal repercussions involving even the shutdown of the unit on a temporary or permanent basis. This is commonly experienced in marine works wherein “diver based services” are used for inspection and desilting of marine assets. This method is not only risky but inefficient because the diver is not able to execute the job properly due to inherent fear of his life. This fear is aggravated by the fact that normally such works involve working in zero visibility conditions including highly turbid or Blackwater in which the diver is totally working in the blind. Our robotic platforms provide an extremely efficient, completely safe and precise method for execution of such projects with the added facility of real-time monitoring of the executed works and allows for collection of tangible data.

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