Underwater Cameras

Underwater Cameras

DSI specializes in design and manufacturing of underwater/marine cameras. The OWL series is a state-of-the-art fully submersible camera capable of 24 x 7 underwater operation in not only fresh-water and seawater but also wastewater including industrial and sewer waste water.


DSI’s vision of manufacturing quality products comparable to European and American brands at Indian prices led to the development of the OWL series of underwater cameras. Very high level of fault tolerance and ruggedness are the hallmark characteristics of the OWL series underwater cameras that set it aside from the competition. We are possibly the only indigenous manufacturers of underwater and pan-tilt-zoom cameras in India.


We have cameras with depth rating from 10 m to 30 m on build-to-stock basis and for higher depth rating up to 100 m on build-to-order basis. Due to our in-house design and manufacturing capability, we can also provide customized solutions for special applications.


  1. For all types of underwater/marine survey applications like water pipeline inspection, sewer pipeline inspections, Swimming Pool Surveillance, marine biological studies, rig inspections, Ship Hull inspections, bridge inspections, dam inspections, et cetera.
  2. For all types of underwater/marine surveillance applications like coastal surveillance, ship Hull cameras, Port & jetty cameras, underwater monitoring cameras on dams, canals and pipelines, et cetera.
  3. For all types of underwater observation applications like fishing cameras, sea aquariums, underwater videography, scientific studies and observation, swimming/diving monitoring system, action sports camera.

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