Robotic Cleaning & Desilting Services

Robotic Cleaning & Desilting Services

Big enterprises have to rely on setting up desalination plants for fulfilling their freshwater requirements from river-water and seawater obtained through intake water pipelines. A major challenge is keeping the pipelines operational during the rainy season owing to siltation and blockages due to high turbidity levels in coastal & river waters. A drop in water supply can seriously affect the performance of the plant leading to operational losses.


DSI is uniquely positioned to help such enterprises in ensuring smooth functioning of their plants by avoiding performance bottlenecks owing to silted or blocked seawater intake pipelines. For this purpose DSI has developed a series of Robotic pipeline desilting systems that have the capability of desilting such seawater intake pipelines directly from the land based access area without any need for open sea access.


These robots have been specially designed for submerged pipelines and work in a fully flooded environment. They are equally effective for both freshwater and seawater pipelines.


Application scenarios

  • Marine seawater intake pipelines.
  • Industrial water pipelines from rivers and lakes.
  • Industrial effluent discharge pipelines
  • Covered storm water drains (special application during monsoons)
  • Water transport pipelines
  • Water Tunnels in dams & hydro-power plants