Beaver Storm

Storm Crawler

The Beaver Storm crawler has been specially designed for inspection of large trunk sewers and storm water drains.


The Storm crawler incorporates all the advanced features of the MiniPRO series with a powerful 6WD steerable design and twin motors of 150W each. The total output torque exceeds 60Nm and the crawler can generate traction in excess of 60Kgf which is more than any competition in the market. With all this, the crawler can still enter a standard Ø550mm manhole and inspect pipes of sizes Ø600mm and above.


The STORM crawler can be customized to operate on longer lengths of cable in excess of 300MTR.

Salient Features:

  • Microprocessor based All-wheel-drive.
  • Total Motor Power: 300W
  • Drive Design: 6WD, Steerable.
  • Camera Lift Design: Remotely Controlled powered Camera Lift.
  • Changeable sets of Pneumatic Wheels (sizes ranging from 8″ to 12″) for better traction in slug.
  • Nitrogen Purged, rated for operation under water up to depths of 30mtr.
  • Capability to carry more than 300MTR cable inside pipe.
  • Strong & Rugged Construction with long service life.