Mini Series

Mini Series

The Beaver Mini Series crawler has been for large EPC contractors that require a more versatile inspection system with state-of-the-art features. The series comes in 3 flavors with increasing level of advancement in each catering to the entire spectrum of applications in sewer inspection.


Both MiniLITE and MiniPRV are all wheel drive non-steerable crawlers with microprocessor control for speed and direction. They includes a special single screw design camera lift mechanism with spring assist for quick and easy adjustment of camera height in sewer. Besides they also carry an extended range of sensor arrays that allows them to overlay the current system orientation and health data directly on the video screen like pan-tilt angle, pitch-roll status, system pressure and temperature. These sensors allow the crawlers to generate anti-tilt alarms as well as inform the user of the current PTZ camera orientation. The major difference between these two crawlers is that while the LITE version is a 4WD mechanism, the PRV version is a 6WD design that increases its capacity to go over obstacles and displaced pipe joints. Further, while the LITE version can inspect (relined) pipes sizes as small as Ø150mm, the minimum pipe size for the PRV version is Ø200mm. Both crawlers incorporate high-efficiency coreless motors providing up to 15Nm torque.


The MiniPRO crawler is a further enhancement of its counterparts and includes a fully steerable 6WD drive mechanism and an enormous drive torque of 30Nm. The steerable drive mechanism adds to the versatility of this crawler extending its application range to include inspection of large box drains. Further the crawler includes a special Anti-Tilt-Compensation feature that allows it to automatically compensate for any tilt that it may incur while inspection of circular pipes. The crawler can carry both Pan-Tilt and Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras in pipes as small as Ø250mm.

Salient Features:

  • Microprocessor based All-wheel-drive.
  • Total Motor Power,
    • MinitLITE & MiniPRV: 100W.
    • MiniPRO: 200W.
  • Drive Design,
    • MiniLITE: 4WD, Non Steerable.
    • MiniPRV: 6WD, Non Steerable.
    • MiniPRO: 6WD, Steerable.
  • Camera Lift Design,
    • MiniLITE & MiniPRO: Spring Assisted Single Screw Design.
    • MiniPRO: Remotely Controlled powered Camera Lift.
  • Changeable sets of Wheels (sizes ranging from 3″ to 10″) for better traction in slug.
  • Nitrogen Purged, rated for operation under water up to depths of 15mtr.
  • Capability to carry up to 200MTR cable inside pipe.
  • Strong & Rugged Construction with long service life.