Even in the wildest storm and a turbulent sea, the ORCA lurks in the dark… silently, with patience, cleaning your subsea pipe from within.


It’s the world’s first true pipeline desilting robot for subsea pipelines. Your pipeline won’t get choked, even if open sea access is a challenge. Fully robotic solution, no divers required.

Seawater intake structures require frequent desilting to remove the excess silt build-up that reduces their hydraulic performance. Diver based desilting is often performed in the industry to counter this problem. However such a practice is often highly risky as well as inefficient due to the human factor involved.


DSI has developed the ORCA Pipeline Desilting Robotic Systems that provide higher reliability and safety than diver based methods as well as extending the distance limitations often associated with them. ORCA is an extremely efficient robot that uses our (over a decade of) experience in designing underwater robots. It is a rugged, robust and customizable system that can be tailored to suite most marine pipe/tunnel desilting needs. ORCA robots use electro-hydraulic hybrid drives for extreme power required to carry large submersible dredging pumps of capacities up to 180HP.


  • Rubber Tracks eliminate risk of damage to pipe coatings.
  • Both Hydraulic & Electric version of tracks available
  • Up to 2t payload capacity
  • Up to 3-DOF actuation available on pump suction for efficient cleaning.
  • The system can be integrated with HD cameras and Sonar profilers for real-time feedback.
  • The ORCA carries a plethora of onboard sensors for better control and system awareness.
  • Supplementary Water Jet pumps can be added for better agitation of sand and clay.
  • All operations can be controlled remotely by a single operator.


  • Marine seawater intake pipelines.
  • Industrial water pipelines from rivers and lakes.
  • Industrial effluent discharge pipelines
  • Covered storm water drains (special application during monsoons)
  • Water transport pipelines
  • Water Tunnels in dams & hydro-power plants