Micro Series

Micro Series

The Beaver Micro Series crawler has been designed as a cost-effective solution for pipe-laying and desilting contractors. The crawlers come in two versions, the LITE and the PRV version.


The MicroLITE version has been designed with an integrated fixed focus camera and white light LEDs suitable for quick post desilting inspection of very small pipes starting from Ø150mm and above. The entire package has been optimized for low cost and long service life. With an extremely low part count, the entire system is integrated into a highly compact package thus reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.


The MicroPRV is similar to its LITE counterpart, but with a separate camera option allowing the integration of a manual camera lift which helps in inspection of larger pipes. It is particularly suited for large desilting contractors who often need to perform post desilting CCTV inspections for larger sewer pipes. The separate camera feature opens up the possibility of including PTZ cameras which increase the quality of surveys.


Please note that the Micro series crawlers cannot carry extra (Auxiliary Lights) lights and thus the maximum size of the pipe that can be surveyed is limited to the lighting capability of the included camera. Please refer to the Beaver Inspection Selection Guide for more details on possible configurations using the Micro series crawlers.

Salient Features:

  1. Designed for 150mm** pipe entry.
  2. High Traction 4WD with a powerful 75W DC Motor with a high-efficiency 3-stage planetary gearbox.
  3. Microprocessor based speed control with forward/reverse capability.
  4. Optimized hybrid construction with Anodized Aluminum, Brass and Stainless Steel.
  5. Changeable sets of Wheels (sizes ranging from 2.5″ to 8″) for better traction in slug.
  6. Nitrogen Purged .
  7. Rated for operation under water up to depths of 15mtr.
  8. Maximum Traction capability to carry up to 100MTR cable inside pipe.