Underwater Robotic Cable Winches

Underwater Robotic Cable Winches


All Pipe Inspection systems need a cable winch for storage and management of the robotic umbilical cable. For this purpose, DSI Robotics designs and manufactures its own series of winches that come with a multitude of options.

Beaver Cable Winches incorporate several features that make them specially suited for cable management during pipe inspection and other underwater inspection jobs.

Some Salient Features

  • Different Sizes to carry 150m, 200m, 250m and 300m of BRC-xxxx cable.
  • Stable yet mobile design allows easy movement across site.
  • Powered as well as Manual options for cost optimization
  • Manual and Automatic Level Wind options for cost optimization
  • Automatic Over-spill brake design prevents over-drawing of cable and improves cable management
  • The powered cable winch incorporates a special in-house designed transmission clutch mechanism that allows for automatic shift between manual and motor drive without any extra control.
  • In-built Cable Payout Measurement system.
  • Includes multi (gold-) contact rotary connector that permits noise-less transmission of power as well as high-speed data and video signals.


Since the last decade when DSI Robotics ventured into the field of underwater robotics, we had to overcome several obstacles as we tried to perfect our range of solutions for underwater inspections. One such major hurdle was the lack of underwater cable rated for use as an umbilical available in the Indian market. The requirement was for a robust cable that can be used for underwater applications and sustain the tensile loads typical of umbilical cables. At the same time, the cable was to retain its coiling-uncoiling capability requiring a highly flexible unarmored cable capable of very tensile loads. While such cables are easily available abroad, import of an item like cables was never practical. Besides, the needs of the Indian market were very different from the offerings from western suppliers.

Slave to its never-ending desire for perfection, DSI set upon designing its own multi-conductor cable optimized for underwater umbilical use, and shortlisted several specific Indian suppliers for the required raw material. The end result was an extremely robust, rugged and high-performance underwater cable, aka, the BRC-1509.


  • Kevlar-reinforced multicore conductor cable capable very high tensile loads
  • Resistant to sewer and industrial wastewater
  • Abrasion Resistant Construction suitable for umbilical use.
  • Designed for continuous underwater operation and resistant to most algae/fungi growth.
  • Highly flexible construction allows a long life with repeated coiling-uncoiling capability.
  • Standard cable lengths of 150 m, 200 m, 300 meters and 350 m. Longer lengths available on Build-to-Order basis.